Python: The ultimate beginners guide that intermediate and advanced users can also find use in!

A guided look into the world of Python programming! You’re about to discover how to... I want to thank you for downloading the book, Python for beginner, intermediate and advanced programmers. This book contains all the information that you need to know about Python in a compact and to the point format. It is a great resource to teach you all the basics of Python programming. The book is structured so that it starts with bare basics and progresses to more difficult concepts. The aim is to build up the student’s knowledge from the ground up. The book is targeted at people who know a little about programming. Therefore, some of the language used will not be totally foreign and overwhelming. There are many examples to look at and references to other resources are also made throughout the book. Flow charts are also used to gain a better understanding of how concepts such as loops work. Summaries of each chapter are located at the end of every chapter. This is so that the student can easily go through the main ideas that each chapter was aimed at teaching. The book is primarily for beginners. However, intermediate and more advanced users can find it useful. Perhaps there may come a time where they need to revise certain basic concepts. Take action and get started on your journey with the great programming language that is Python. Here Is just A Preview Of the many things that You will Learn... A little about Python and programmingHistory of Python and how to install itBeginning with the Python syntaxConditional statementsFunctions in PythonHow to write your own functionsIterations and loops Download your copy today as this book provides a lot of value for a small price.

Author: Ben Abner

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