Python Without Fear

Taking the same approach as he did in his best-selling C++ Without Fear, Brian Overland offers the perfect guide to Python for anyone moving from another language, or seeking to go beyond basic Python skills they’ve already mastered.   Overland’s Python Without Fear reveals the “whys,” “tricks,” and especially the “gotchas” behind each essential Python language feature. You’ll learn how to use Python the right way, avoiding mistakes that trip up programmers coming from other languages -- and avoiding hours of unnecessary debugging, too.   Best of all, you’ll enjoy learning Python. That’s because Overland teaches Python by showing how to leverage its power to solve fascinating, challenging puzzles and games. Along the way, you’ll learn how to use mutable and immutable objects; work with strings, functions, local and global variables, lists, data, inheritance, properties, files, exceptions, enumerators, generators, iterators, and even multi-file apps. Throughout, you’ll never get bogged down in unnecessarily complex examples or pointless discussions: Overland keeps you 100% focused on learning what works -- and what matters.

Author: Brian Overland

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