Rapid Python Programming

Python is a flexible, easy to learn high level programming language. With a few short lessons you can rapidly develop new tools in no time with little or no difficulty. With “Rapid Python Programming” you will truly master a “Pythonic” approach to programming, and harness Python’s full power to write robust exceptional code. This book quickly builds from beginner to intermediate, and walks you through hands-on exercises on advanced topics such as web applications, GUI, network programming, gaming, and stock analysis. You will learn to access structured and unstructured data from local files, databases, and the internet. This book can be used as a reference to help guide you in your efforts to create solutions for a variety of medium-scale projects. Programs by nature evolve towards complexity and most languages foster the ability to design in a structured way even if the language is not a structured programming language. Python is flexible and gives you the opportunity to code in many styles from object oriented and imperative to functional, or structured programming.

Author: William C Gunnells

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