Raspberry Pi Python Projects: Pyhton3  Tkinter/Ttk, Clock,Temperature, Tactile, Ultra Sonic & Color Sensor, Servo, Stepper, DC Motor, Infrared Detector, … Follow, Thumb Joy Stick, Two Wheel Balance

Multiple projects for the Python3 programmer using the Raspberry Pi 3. The projects include sources for hardware, wiring diagrams and the complete printed source code. Some of the hardware does require Free downloads for drivers. Depending on your selection of components some soldering may be required. While the book includes the complete printed source code the digital or electronic code is available for a limited period for an additional fee, visit www.rymax.biz for details.Most of the projects will allow you to control the program from a Tkinter window and to display results within the window.The projects progress from recording the pressing of a Tactile button to more complex projects. The inclusion of programs using temperature, color, ultrasound and infrared sensors make this a great staring point for developing your robotic and other projects. With the temperature sensor you will be able to turn a fan on/off when a temperature is reached.The color sensor will enable your robot to detect and follow a black line. The colors detected are displayed on the Tkinter Canvas. The color hex values are also displayed. This program uses one color sensor which makes turning in two directions a challenge for you to solve as this program only turns the robot to the right. The infrared sensors will also let your robot detect and follow a black line. Using two infrared sensors to follow the path in two directions. Once you have the basic program working you can increase the speed and see how complex of a path you can design.Includes projects with an H-Bridge using PWM to control two DC motors or one stepper motor. Build a two wheel drive robot and control the direction from a Tkinter window.A thumb joystick program is included that lets you move a square on a Tkinter Canvas screen. Use the basics from this program with your enhancements to control a physical robot.The operation of a servo motor is included. With this project you will be given the controls to operate a servo from a Tkinter window.A stepper motor program includes full step and half step motion using the H-Bridge all controlled from a Tkinter window.The two wheel balance project will require you to build a platform and to configure various setting to get your robot to achieve self balancing. You will want to refine the program as this one I consider to be a partial success. While the robot does balance it is for a short period of time.The book is a good reference point for starting your more complex projects. Combine multiple projects to add complexity and functionality to your robots.

Author: Herb Norbom

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