Scientific Computation: Python 3 Hacking for Math Junkies

This is a book about hacking, but not just any kind of hacking. It is about mathematical hacking. If you like math and want to use computers to solve math problems, this book is for you. Scientific Computation: Python 3 Hacking for Math Junkies gives an introduction to hacking in Python for students and mathematical scientists. No previous coding experience is needed. This new edition has been updated to cover Python version 3. Computational applications are selected from many mathematical sub-disciplines. Examples include random numbers, statistics, finding roots, interpolation, linear and logistic regression, numerical solution of initial value problems, discrete systems, fractals, principal component analysis, singular value decomposition, clustering, image analysis, and satellite orbits. Over 300 exercises and projects are included for students. All code examples in the book are available for download from a companion website. The book is available in both print and electronic versions.

Author: Bruce E Shapiro

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