Secure Programming with Python

Key FeaturesGet the only book on the market that will help you master Python securityMake your programs more robust, secure, and safe for complex-level applicationsThis book provides various approaches to securing code that will enable you to implement solutions from the word goBook DescriptionPython is used for a lot of applications, ranging from building web applications and enterprise application to the world of big data. With everyday attacks on applications by hackers, securing applications has become a critical component for Python developers.Starting with the basics to ensure the fundamentals required for security, you will gradually move on to automating various web application attacks, which can then be used by security engineers to perform automated tests. You will mitigate various application security vulnerabilities and explore the defense mechanisms available for developers in Python. You will then learn about the various phases of network security testing that can be automated and how an engineer can simulate various attacks in controlled manner to scan for vulnerabilities. Next, you will learn how to automate password cracking using Python and focus on fuzzing, a key concept of exploit writing and protocol analysis.After reading this book, you will be able to secure your programs and applications and be ready for any kind of spyware and malware.What you will learnSimulate various attack scenariosPerform vulnerability testing using various tools and techniquesUse bruteforce to automate data miningIdentify and mitigate attacks with various OWASP projectsPerform recon and scanning automation to build your own security toolkitFind about phishing and fuzzing in PythonConduct network forensic analysis and packet analysisWork through offensive programming techniques to keep your code clean and precise

Author: Tamaghna Basu

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