Start Programming with Python

Python is an ideal object oriented programming language for the beginner to learn programming. Not only is it easy to learn but the code is easy to read which makes it easy to understand. It covers all the programming structures and is an excellent example of an Object-Oriented Programming language. Best of all you can install everything you need to write great programs on your computer for FREE. Python is an interpreted language which means there is no compile procedure to create executable code. Python compiles each instruction as it is executed. This allows the programmer to enter and test each line independently or put all of the commands in a text file and execute them as a script file. Python comes with a rich library of standard functions. Python runs on Windows, Mac and Linux and supports databases, and GUI programming. This book was designed to teach the beginner how to write simple programs using Python. The best way to use this book is to go over each chapter, do all the examples and make them work. Then do the quiz. Finally do all of the exercises at the end of each lesson. Not only do them but experiment with them. Make all the changes you can think of, try variations of instructions to see how they affect the outcome. There are several Projects in the Appendix of the book. When you finish the lessons, do these projects.

Author: James Kelley

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