The Hacker’s Guide to Python

An indispensable collection of practical tips and real-world advice for tackling common Python problems and taking your code to the next level. Features interviews with high-profile Python developers who share their tips, tricks, best practices, and real-world advice gleaned from years of experience.The Hacker's Guide to Python will teach you how to fine tune your Python code and give you a deeper understanding of how the language works under the hood. This essential guide distills years of Python experience into a handy collection of general advice and specific tips that will help you pick the right libraries, distribute your code correctly, build future-proof programs, and optimize your programs down to the bytecode. Author Julien Danjou, an OpenStack contributor (the largest open source project written in Python) covers a swath of important areas like scaling, testing, and porting your code. You'll also learn directly from Python experts and get real-world (and time-saving) advice on topics like unit testing, packaging code, performances and optimizations, and designing APIs. Elevate your code and get seriously good at Python with The Hacker's Guide to Python!

Author: Julien Danjou

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