The Python Apprentice

Key FeaturesTaking a practical approach to studying PythonA clear appreciation of the sequence-oriented parts of PythonEmphasis on the way in which Python code is structuredLearn how to produce bug-free code by using testing toolsBook DescriptionExperienced programmers want to know how to enhance their craft and we want to help them start as apprentices with Python. We know that before mastering Python you need to learn the culture and the tools to become a productive member of any Python project. Our goal with this book is to give you a practical and thorough introduction to Python programming, providing you with the insight and technical craftsmanship you need to be a productive member of any Python project. Python is a big language, and it's not our intention with this book to cover everything there is to know. We just want to make sure that you, as the developer, know the tools, basic idioms and of course the ins and outs of the language, the standard library and other modules to be able to jump into most projects.What you will learnLearn the language of Python itselfGet a start on the Python standard libraryLearn how to integrate 3rd party librariesDevelop libraries on your ownBecome familiar with the basics of Python testingAbout the AuthorRobert Smallshire is a founding director of Sixty North, a software consulting and training business in Norway providing services throughout Europe, and which uses Python extensively. Robert has worked in senior architecture and technical management roles for several software companies providing tools in the

Author: Robert Smallshire

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