tkinter GUI Programming By Example: Geometry Management, Event Handling, and more

Get the steps you need to discover the world of tkinter programming using real-world examplesKey FeaturesA Practical guide to learn the fundamentals of Python and GUI programming with tkinter,Create multiple cross-platform projects by integrating host of third party libraries and toolsLearn to build beautiful and highly interactive user interfaces, targeting multiple devicesBook Descriptiontkinter is a modular, cross-platform application development toolkit for Python. When developing GUI rich applications, the most important choices are which programming language(s) and GUI framework to use, in this case, Python along with tkinter proves to be a great combination.This book would get you up and run with tkinter while creating some fun and interactive projects.These projects would be of varying degree of complexities starting from a basic project where you'll learn the fundamentals of GUI programming and the basic working of a tkinter application. After getting the basics right, we'll move on to creating a project of slightly difficult complexity like an highly-customisable python editor where you'll learn about tkinter widgets, event handlers and more. With the next project, we'll crank up the complexity level to create an instant chat messaging app, where you’ll learn about network, multithreading and asynchronous programming. The aim is to strengthen our foundation on the tkinter framework. Towards the end, we will discuss various ways of packaging our applications so that they can be shared and installed on other machines without the user needing to learn how to install and run python programs.What you will learnCreate a scrollable Frame via the Canvas widgetUse the Pack geometry manager and Frame widgets to control layoutHow to choose a data structure for a gameGrouping Tkinter widgets – Buttons, Canvas, Labels, Entries, FramesCreate a highly-customisable python editorDesign and layout a chat windowWho This Book Is ForThe book will appeal to beginners to GUI programming who haven’t used tkinter yet and are eager to start building great looking and user friendly GUIs. They’re expected to know how to program in Python.About the AuthorDavid Love works as a web developer with skills in Python, PHP, Javascript, Sass/Less/CSS and MySQL. David’s favourite programming language is Python and he loves making GUIs in tkinter and playing with neural networks using tensorflow. He also likes making games with either Unity or Godot (if he was good at artwork he would probably have finished one by now). He has also written a similar book on Github, tkinter By Example and tkinter Cookbook. You can know more about him here:

Author: David Love

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