Try Python – for Beginners: Book 2

Congratulations! You have already read the first book of this series Try Python - for Beginners: Book 1. You wrote some Python code, not much, but you actually enjoyed it and now you want to learn more. In Book 1, you dabbled in Python using the Jupyter Notebook but you did not actually install anything on your computer. You were just giving Python a try without a lot of commitment on your part. In Book 2, I am going to show you how to install the Jupyter Notebook and all of the Python libraries you will need to get started. We will also cover certain topics on how to manage your Python installation. Let’s get started! Who this book is written for If you are looking for instructions on how to get Python 3 installed on your computer then this book is for you. The Anaconda Distribution This book provides you with very detailed step-by-step instructions on how to install Python 3 and a bunch of other Python libraries on your laptop. How to install Anaconda How update Python using the Command Prompt How to update conda How to update Python libraries How to install Python libraries How to delete Python libraries BONUS: Cheat Sheet included How to remove old packages that are not being used How to get a list of installed Anaconda packages How to use easy_install or pip as a fall back to conda Tags: python windows, ipython notebook, learn python, jupyter, pandas, python for data science

Author: David Rojas

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