Try Python – for Excel Developers: Book 1

Excel is probably the most popular data analysis tool in the market and most people, including myself, started their data career working with Excel. This book is for the casual Microsoft Excel user that is interested in learning Python. Python is gaining a lot of ground and becoming the go-to software for data analysis. If you are not a programmer or even an engineer, then this book has been created just for you. The examples below will assume you have never programmed before and will try to mimic similar tasks you would normally perform using Excel. Step-by-step instructions are provided and the examples are short so you can read this book in one sitting. After reading the book you should be able to perform a lot of the data analysis you do in Excel but using Python instead. Enjoy! What Will you Learn How to import Python libraries How to create data using Pandas How to create new columns How to sum horizontally How to compute averages How to calculate percentages How to sort data How to filter data How to create plots and charts using MatPlotLib Tags: python windows, ipython notebook, learn python, jupyter, pandas, python excel

Author: David Rojas

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