Web Development with Django Cookbook – Third Edition: Over 100 practical recipes to help you create robust and scalable web applications using the Django 2.1 framework on Python 3.7.

Find out how to create unbelie vably fast and highly scalable web apps with the Django 2.0 framework and learn the skills you need to take advantage of its impressive range of features with this web development guideKey FeaturesDozens of solutions to a variety of common web application scenarios, all leveraging the power of the Django frameworkUnderstand URL routing, Models, forms, Templates, and RESTful services with Django 2.0Learn approaches to security, caching, internationalization, and other advanced topics.Test, deploy and scale your web applications efficiently with Amazon web servicesBook DescriptionDjango is a web framework that was designed to build blazing fast and highly performant web applications. It has the capacity to handle high levels of user traffic and interaction, and can integrate with massive databases on the backend, constantly collecting and processing data in real time.The book takes an independent solution-based approach to all the web development related processes using Django. We’ll start by setting up the virtual environment for a Django project and configuring it. Here you’ll learn to write reusable pieces of code for your models and find out how to manage database schema changes. Next, we’ll take a walk through forms and views to enter and list data. With practical examples on how to use templates and JavaScript together, you will discover how to create the best user experience. This book deals with some important third-party modules necessary for fully equipped web development.In the final chapters, you'll be introduced to various programming and debugging tricks and finally, which would help you test and deploy the project to a remote dedicated server as well as how to deploy and scale your application.By the end of this book, you will have a good understanding of the new features added to Django 2.0 and be an expert at web development processes.What you will learnGet started with the basic configuration necessary to start any Django projectBuild a database structure out of reusable model mixinsApply model changes to the database through migration scriptsManage forms and views and get to know some useful patterns that are used to create themCreate handy template filters and tags that you can reuse in every projectSecure your web application against malicious usageAddress common performance bottlenecksIntegrate with and extend the Django CMSConstruct and manage complex and deep hierarchies while maintaining scalabilityImport data from local sources and external web services as well as exporting your data to third partiesLearn how to deal with some important third-party modules necessary for fully-equipped web development.Test and deploy your project efficientlyWho This Book Is ForThis book is for intermediate-level and professional Django developers who needs to build fast and scalable web applications. Some basics of Django and server-side programming is required. Django users who need to build projects which must be multilingual, functional on devices of different screen sizes, and which scale over time.

Author: Jake Kronika

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